SL銀河お出迎え/Welcoming steam locomotive
My colleagues with SL Ginga hat on


Taiko performance




その後宮守駅に移動して、SL銀河のお出迎え!地元のお姉様方のグループ、みやもり ずーっとプチエンジェルと一緒にカントリーダンスを踊りました。このネーミング、好きです。隣ではカラフルな伝統衣装をまとって、老若男女が下郷さんさ踊りでお出迎え。子供が可愛い、可愛いすぎる!SL銀河は、4月から9月まで花巻〜釜石間を走るので、この機会に是非ご利用ください!って私も乗る予定です!!




Shimogo Sansa Odori dancers


On April 29th, Sat, there was Ginga (Galaxy) station opening ceremony at mm1, which is roadside station combined with shopping store. It started with taiko performance by local young group and attracted many visitors. SL Ginga hat which my colleague made is in front of farmer's store in mm1, so why don't you visit the shop and take picture with this cool hat?


At Miyamori station, I welcomed "SL Ginga" (steam locomotive) with local ladies' country dance group named Forever petit angels. There also was Shimogo Sansa Odori (one of traditional sansa dancing group in Tono, which is 68 years old!) with colorful costumes. SL Ginga operates between Hanamaki and Kamaishi station almost every weekend until September. Do not miss this chance to experience great journey!


About SL Ginga & operating schedule:


Forever petit angels dancers waving hands to SL Ginga


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