45年ぶりの結婚式!Wedding ceremony after 45 years!



この米通り地区は、人口21人、平均年齢71歳の限界集落です。しかし私が訪れた印象は、地区の人がとても陽気で温かいこと。わいわいいいながら新郎新婦、また二人が属するNext Commonsの方と準備されていて楽しそうだなぁと感じました。






Next Commonsについて:



On April 23rd, wedding ceremony was held for the first time in 45 years in Komedori- district in Tsuchibuchi-cho.

This is marginal area with the population of 21 whose average age is 71 years old. However, people who are living here are very energetic and warm hearted. They seemed to enjoy the preparation with bride and groom, and people from Next Commons which both of them belong to.


It started with processional march with local lead singer at the front, then Shinto-style wedding ceremony, scattering rice cakes, and reception with singing and dancing. Along with Bento-style meal, local hand made stew was prepared and that  was very good. Also, hikidemono (wedding gift given to attendees) was from groom's parent's caterer in Niigata which was also delicious.


I can't imagine how much work they had to do to create their own wedding party, but I think this project was incredible. I am quite sure there would be more people who would like to make original wedding like they did!


About Next Commons (in Japanese):









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